Rovaniemi travel packages

Incentive Rovaniemi with Rally package 5D4N

Embark on a magical 5-day journey to Rovaniemi, starting with your arrival at Rovaniemi Airport and a cozy dinner in the city, followed by a night at the Arctic Light Hotel. Day 2 is an adventure with a snowmobile safari to a husky and reindeer farm, ending with a dinner in a traditional Finnish hut. On the third day, experience the thrill of the Sampo Icebreaker Cruise. The excitement continues on Day 4 with the Rally Olympics and a dinner at Santamus. The trip culminates with a memorable departure via Santa Claus Village.

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Local host / Tour leader

Throughout your journey, your dedicated host will be by your side, ensuring the highest quality of travel experiences.

Private transfers

Your group will enjoy the comfort and convenience of a private bus for the entire itinerary

City center hotel

Accommodations featuring stays in a centrally located city center hotel with easy access to all main sights.

Day 1. Arrival in Rovaniemi

Airport Arrival: Touch down at Rovaniemi Airport (apt RVN). A local guide will greet the group upon arrival.

Transfer to Hotel: Board a private coach for a brief 15-minute transfer to the Arctic Light Hotel.

Hotel Check-In: Experience a smooth pre-registered check-in at the Arctic Light Hotel. (Note: Please submit client details in an Excel sheet prior to arrival, including first and last names, home addresses, and passport numbers.)

Welcome Dinner: Enjoy a specially prepared welcome dinner at the hotel’s renowned restaurant, marking the beginning of your memorable journey.

Day 2. Activities in Rovaniemi

Breakfast: Start your day with a delightful breakfast.

Snowmobile Safari:
Meeting Point:
Gather in the hotel lobby to meet your safari guides.
Preparation: Travel by bus to the Safari house for helmet pick-up and then proceed to the nearby snowmobile parking area.
Adventure Begins: Receive a briefing on driving techniques and safety rules. Embark on a thrilling snowmobile safari through the Finnish countryside, sharing a snowmobile with a partner and taking turns driving.

Reindeer Farm Visit:
Welcome Ceremony:
Experience a unique welcome ceremony in the atmospheric “kota” building upon arrival.
Reindeer Interaction: Get acquainted with the reindeer and their herders, learning about the reindeer’s life cycle.
Reindeer Driving: Try your hand at reindeer driving and receive a personal certificate, granting you an official driver’s license valid for five years!

Husky Farm Excursion:
Journey to Husky Farm
: Take a short walk to the nearby husky farm.
Husky Sled Ride: Be greeted by friendly huskies and enjoy a sled ride, steering your own husky team.
Husky Insights: After the ride, warm up with berry juice and biscuits, and learn about the lives of huskies in the Arctic Circle.

Finnish Hut Experience
: Relish a dinner in a traditional Finnish Hut, featuring salmon cooked over an open fire and other Finnish delicacies.

Day 3. Ice Breaker cruise

Icebreaker Cruise Options:

Choice of Icebreaker: Select between the Sampo Icebreaker (Finland) and the Polar Explorer (Sweden) for your cruise experience.

Journey to Kemi/Kalix: Embark on a trip to Kemi (for Sampo) or Kalix (for Polar Explorer) to start your icebreaker adventure.

Icebreaker Experience:

Cruise on Icebreaker: Enjoy a unique cruise on the chosen icebreaker, cutting through the icy waters of the Botnia Gulf.

Included Transfers: Comfortable transfers from Rovaniemi to the icebreaker location are provided.

Lunch Arrangements: Savor lunch either onboard the icebreaker or in a local fisherman’s village, immersing yourself in the local cuisine.

Ice Swimming: For the daring, partake in ice swimming in the open waters of the Botnia Gulf.

Duration: The icebreaker tours are full-day experiences, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this unique Arctic adventure.

Certificate of Achievement: Receive a certificate commemorating your participation in the icebreaker cruise.

Return to Rovaniemi:

Dinner at Hotel: Upon your return to Rovaniemi, enjoy a relaxing dinner at your hotel’s restaurant.

Explore Rovaniemi: Spend some time exploring the charming city of Rovaniemi, soaking in its unique Arctic ambiance.

Day 4. Rally Experience

Overview: Prepare for an exhilarating day on ice and snow-covered tracks, offering a variety of fun and safe driving experiences.

Diverse Vehicle Selection:

Variety of Vehicles: Choose from a range of vehicles including Cross Cars, Funny Cars, and ATVs for a unique driving experience.

Professional Supervision: All activities are closely monitored by experienced professionals to ensure safety and guidance.

Initial Briefing:

Arrival and Introduction: Upon arrival, our driving instructors will outline the day’s program and provide comprehensive safety instructions.

Rally Car Introduction: Get ready to jump into a real rally car for an unforgettable driving experience.

Training and Competition:

Guided Instruction: Receive expert tips on handling the vehicle effectively to complete courses in the shortest time.

Focused Training Sessions: Engage in two 10-minute training sessions, emphasizing winter driving techniques and skill development.

Rally Sprint Competition: Participate in the thrilling rally sprint competition, consisting of two special stages.

Festive Awards Ceremony: Celebrate the fastest drivers in a festive award ceremony, recognizing top performances.

Co-Driver Experience:

Ride Along with a Pro: Experience the thrill of being a co-driver for an experienced rally driver, witnessing their incredible car handling skills.

High-Speed Excitement: Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride, guaranteed to leave you thrilled by the speed and skill.

Day 5. Departure home

Breakfast: Start your day with a hearty breakfast, fueling up for the exciting activities ahead.

Visit to Santa Claus Village: Embark on a magical journey to Santa Claus Village, a place of wonder and joy.
Meet Santa Claus: Experience the unforgettable moment of meeting Santa Claus in person.
Cross the Arctic Circle: Take the unique opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Santa’s Post Office: Send postcards to your loved ones from Santa’s Official Post Office, a charming way to share your Arctic adventure.


Transfer to Airport: After your visit to Santa Claus Village, our bus will transport you to the airport.
Farewell: As your journey in this winter wonderland comes to an end, we thank you for visiting and hope you carry home beautiful memories.