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Embark on an unforgettable journey in the heart of Finnish Lapland, the city of Rovaniemi. Known for its stunning beauty, this city is a hub of exciting activities and thrilling experiences that are sure to make your trip a memorable one.

From a scenic ride on a Reindeer sled to a cozy night under the Northern lights while enjoying a BBQ, to dining in the world-famous Ice Restaurant, the options are endless in Rovaniemi! These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy in this magical city.

At DMC Rovaniemi, we offer you a seamless and convenient way to book the most popular safaris and experiences in Rovaniemi online. Whether you are traveling solo or as a group, we have something for everyone. Simply choose from our list of activities, and book online. Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you need for your selected activity.

Most of our activities come with the added comfort of pick-up services from your place of accommodation, as well as thermal overalls, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable throughout your experience. The only exception is for private safaris, which are arranged as per your specific requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime in Rovaniemi!

Private activities in Rovaniemi

Aurora Borealis - Northern lights hunting in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is a premier destination to observe the mesmerizing Northern Lights in Finland, and taking part in an Aurora Hunting tour is one of the most sought-after experiences. The ideal season to witness this natural phenomenon is from late autumn to early winter, however, visitors can enjoy the captivating display of the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi throughout the winter season, from September to March.

Booking one of our Aurora Hunting tours is an opportunity to witness the magic of the Northern Lights with your own eyes. Our experienced guides will lead you to the best viewing locations and provide you with information about this unique phenomenon. During the tour, you'll get to enjoy the stunning and serene beauty of the Arctic night sky, making memories that will last a lifetime. With the use of warm thermal overalls, you'll be able to withstand the harsh winter conditions and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness one of the natural wonders of the world.


Husky and Reindeer safaris in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is a winter wonderland, and there are few better ways to experience it than by taking part in one of its many popular winter activities! Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a unique and memorable experience, there's something for everyone in Rovaniemi.

For those seeking a thrilling ride through the snowy wilderness, the Husky Safari, Snowmobile Safari, and Reindeer Safari are the perfect options. You can choose from a range of different lengths and intensity levels, depending on your preference. Whether you want a short, gentle ride through the snow or a full-day adventure, there's a tour that will suit your needs.

And if you're a fan of reindeer, why not visit a Reindeer farm and take a ride on a reindeer sled? This is a truly unique experience that will take you back in time and immerse you in the traditional way of life of the people of Finnish Lapland. So what are you waiting for? Book your adventure today!


Snowmobile safaris in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, offers a variety of winter activities, including Snowmobile safaris. These tours allow visitors to experience the beauty of the winter landscape and explore the surrounding wilderness in a unique and exciting way.

Snowmobile safaris vary in duration, from a few hours to a full day, giving travelers the flexibility to choose the tour that best suits their schedule and preferences. Many of the tours are guided by experienced drivers who can provide interesting insights into the area's history and wildlife.

As you glide across the snow-covered terrain, you'll have the chance to admire stunning views of the surrounding forests, lakes, and mountains. When choosing a Snowmobile safari, be sure to consider the level of difficulty, as some tours may be more strenuous than others. Also, make sure to dress warmly, as temperatures in Lapland can drop below -30°C in the winter months.

Snowmobile safaris are a must-do experience for anyone visiting Rovaniemi in the winter. Book your tour today and get ready for an adventure like no other!


Visits to Santa Claus Village and National parks in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is a destination brimming with exciting attractions! Take a trip to Santa Claus Village, where you can meet the jolly man himself and learn about his home in the North Pole. Immerse yourself in nature and visit the stunning Korouoma national reserve, where you can admire towering cliffs, pristine forests, and pristine lakes. For a truly unique dining experience, visit the Ice Restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal inside a breathtakingly beautiful ice palace! Whether you're looking for adventure or a chance to relax, Rovaniemi has something to offer for everyone.


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